Splatoon Special Editions stolen from truck carrying stock to GAME

Its a bad day for those hoping to obtain the limited edition copy of Splatoon, in a twist that shows how stupid and cruel people are a lorry that was transporting stock of Splatoon Special Edition to GAME in the UK has been stolen. GAME announced this tragic news in an email sent out to consumers.

Due to these terrible events GAME will be unable to fulfill the orders for the special edition, though GAME is offering consumers the games standard edition with a £10 discount. If annoyed by this news then you can also cancel your preorder if it effects you that much.

In a statement provided to MCV, Nintendo said:

“We can confirm that the lorry transporting the Splatoon stock from Nintendo’s European warehouse to GAME UK has been stolen. Included as part of this delivery was GAME’s allocation of the Splatoon + Squid Inkling amiibo and as a result we are unable to honour pre-orders for this item in GAME. We are working with GAME to contact those customers affected. Whilst these unfortunate circumstances were out of Nintendo UK and GAME’s control, we apologise for any inconvenience or disappointment that this has caused.”

Nintendo added that it will be sending out the replacement game via first class post to ensure stock reaches gamers. It is worth noting that the special edition did come with an exclusive Amiibo figure which might be hard to replace.

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