Strategy Title Tropico 6 Coming to Nintendo Switch

Rumors of a Switch release for the popular management simulator have been circulating for months. In January, the rumors were sparked by a supposed listing for the title seen on the Greek website of gaming retailer The Console Club.

Now, we have official confirmation at last. Developer Kalypso Media has made a deal to release many of their most beloved titles on Nintendo’s best-selling console. In addition to Tropico 6, other Kalypso games slated for Switch release include Railway Empire and the HD remaster of Commandos 2.

Previously, Tropico 6 was available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, MacOS, and Linux. It received generally positive reviews, being praised for its strategic elements and 4-player online multiplayer option. Its sales were 50% higher than that of Tropico 5, the preceding title in the series.

In the Tropico series, players assume the role of “El Presidente,” the leader of the island nation of Tropico, who guides the country to fame and prosperity through a series of development eras. Depending on their decisions, “El Presidente” can be a beloved peacemaker or a brutal, all-powerful dictator.


Tropico 6 expands the size of the country from a single island to an extensive archipelago. Players build bridges, tunnels and public transportation systems to connect the different islands. Control of the population is maintained through election speeches and campaign strategies. Additionally, players who want to create a sneakier, slyer version of “El Presidente” can send out agents to steal important artifacts from other countries all over the world.

An official release date for the Nintendo Switch port of Tropico 6 has not been officially announced. However, it has been confirmed that the game will be released both physically and digitally.

Will you be playing Tropico 6 on your Switch? Which other Kalypso Media titles do you hope to see come to the Nintendo console in the future? Let us know!

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