Team Sonic Racing Officially Delayed to 2019

It’s been pretty much radio silence for Team Sonic Racing for some time now. Following poor early impressions from journalists, rumors have started to surface that a delay might be in the works. This is what the official Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter account has confirmed.

Citing “quality matters most” the team clearly wants to provide consumers with the best possible product. At this time they wouldn’t have a quality game that they or their audience could be proud of. The full statement reads:

Hey guys! To make Team Sonic Racing the best game it can be, we’re giving the team extra time to work on it. Our new release date is May 21, 2019.

We know delays are no fun, but quality matters most. Thanks for your patience – we’ve got more to show you for TSR very soon!

As stated in the message, Team Sonic Racing has moved from its November release to the much more distant May. Hopefully when we next see the game it will function better and be more of what we have come to expect from the Sonic Racing games.

Sumo Digital has promised we will see more on the game very soon, which we can only assume will be a new trailer.

Only time will tell if this delay will bring the game the quality they strive for.

Are you excited for Team Sonic Racing? Do you think extra development will really help the game? Let us know in the comments below!

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