The Game Busters Podcast 2 Year Anniversary Special!

That’s right folks. It’s been 2 YEARS since I started this podcast. And though it’s much different (and better) than what it began as, it remains an excuse to sit around with my friends and talk about games. And I am so, so proud to be able to share a love for gaming with all of you out there. SEVEN THOUSAND LISTENS! Unbelievable. Thank you all for listening, I do it for the love of the game.

Part 1 of this features Rhi, my co-host for the first year of this show, and we dive into the origins of the first video game (created by a war criminal, of course), the very first Game of the Year Edition in 1959, and the birth of the biggest industry in entertainment.

Part 2 features Alyssa, my current co-host, as we read through your touching submissions about a time that a video game really and truly impacted your life in a positive way, and made a tangible difference. Thank you to these submissions from MXA Ghost, Shaz, Kyle, Kate, Nexus051, Nima, Pikagreg, Axel, Frostie, FSM, Kory, Nairon, Zanna and Alex. Some of these legitimately brought a tear to my eye.

Love you guys!


Every week, Nirav and Alyssa are joined by a panel of self-proclaimed    experts for a deep dive into the history and legacy of a specific  game  or franchise. Find us at   on Twitter!  Find Nirav on Twitter @gandheezy and Alyssa @GoBalysstic !

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