Live A Live is out now on Nintendo Switch! As the game opens on a chapter select menu, you may be wondering which order is best to play the chapters in. While the game can be enjoyed in any order, we recommend you play the game in chronological order. This means playing the chapters from past to future. The chronological order of chapters is as follows: Prehistory, Imperial China, Twilight of Edo Japan, the Wild West, Present Day, the Near Future, and then the Distant Future.

Starting with the Prehistory chapter will introduce you to several key gameplay elements, which will be seen later to varying degrees throughout future chapters. This will give you a deeper understanding of the basics of the gameplay, and help you through the rest of the game. 

There are other reasons to progress in chronological order, but to explain exactly why may venture into spoiler territory. If you are okay with some very minor spoilers, then read on past the image to find out more. If not, just trust us! 

Live-A-Live Prehistory screenshot
Okay fossils now let’s get in formation~

Playing the Distant Future chapter last will set you up tonally for the finale of the game, as both this chapter and the climax significantly shift the tone from prior chapters. As a result, this chapter and climax complement each other well. The climax of the game will also take place in a new time period. Playing the game chronologically will thus give this jump in time a greater impact. Playing them in a jumbled order may make this finale chapter blend in more with the others. 

Ultimately however, the choice is yours! However you decide to play the game, you’re in for a wonderful journey across time and space in this remake of a Japanese classic. For more guides, news, and all things Live A Live, stay tuned right here at GameLuster.

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