The Last Of Us Episode 1 Can Be Streamed For Free On Youtube

Episode 1 of HBO’s The Last Of Us adaptation has been released on Youtube and is available to stream entirely free, with the third episode in the series debuting on HBO this Sunday (January 29). While the premiere episode, which pulled in 10 million viewers within the first two nights) is available for those without the means to watch the adaptation. The second episode, which recently topped viewership records set by the first, is still behind the various subscription services. 

The story was first picked up by VGC, who’d spotted the feature-length episode was available via Sky TV’s Youtube channel. The first episode has been viewed 11,000 times in less than 14 hours. The third episode of The Last Of Us will introduce survivalist Bill, a fan-favourite character from Naughty Dog’s post-pandemic game. Played by Nick Offerman, the series is expected to expand on Bill’s relationship with Frank and give their storyline “room to breathe.”

Hit play below for a preview to Episode 3.  

At the time of writing, the 120-minute bumper opener is not available to stream via HBO’s Youtube channel, but there’s every chance it soon will be since the network streamed the first episode of Game of Thrones spin-off House of the Dragon onto Youtube, before being removed for those outside of the U.S.

Despite only being two episodes down from nine, GameLuster reported that The Last Of Us would be renewed for a second season, and fans of the game are already making their predictions as to who could play characters from the sequel, including an actress who looks suspiciously like Abby.

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