The Last Of Us Part 1: PS5 Release Times Confirmed

The release times for The Last Of Us Part 1 on the Playstation 5 have been confirmed by Naughty Dog. For those keen to play the remake as early as possible, then make sure to pay attention to the following information. The Last Of Us Part 1 will be launching worldwide at midnight, beginning in New Zealand at NZST on September 2, and so forth. 

Starting with the UK, The Last Of Us Part 1 will become available at 12 AM BST on September 2, so at the time of the writing, there are less than five hours to go until launch. As for the US, players can jump into the game from 9 PM PDT on the West Coast on September 1, and 12 AM EDT on the East Coast from September 2. 

For those on the West Coast, players can dive into the game three hours earlier. For the rest of Europe and Australia, it’s 12 AM CEST and AEST time respectively. Naughty Dog has even gone to the trouble of breaking down the launch dates for the remake with a global launch map via their Twitter channel below.

As recently reported by GameLuster, the pre-loading process for The Last Of Us Part 1 started at the end of August – while the file sizes for the remake were not as hefty as many of us would expect.

However, in the build-up toward the game’s release date, whole cutscenes were leaked online, including Joel and Ellie at the farmhouse as they talk about loss and the discovery that Tess has been infected.

The Last Of Us Part 1 is scheduled for release on the PS5 from September 2, with a PC port in active development at Naughty Dog.

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