The Last Of Us Part 1: Fire Graphics Blaze On The PS5

As September 2 nears, Naughty Dog continues to promote the upcoming remake of The Last Of Us Part 1 with another graphical comparison clip. As seen further below, the new video is lifted from the beginning of the game – as Joel, Tommy, and Sarah drive from the Miller house into the city – and on the way, they pass a farmhouse on fire. 

The contrast from last-gen to next-gen is staggering. Before we even see the burning farmhouse – the studio has gone to the effort of fleshing out the car’s interior with excruciating detail. This alone is a testament to Naughty Dog’s dedication as game developers – and proves again that the remake has been rebuilt from the ground-up. The drive is arguably, pretty dark, save for the enhanced lightning that provides clarity on the landscape as they approach the farmhouse.

As for the farmhouse, the details of the fire have been defined with incredible accuracy – creating a truly terrifying picture as the game introduces the player to the worsening pandemic.

From a graphics standpoint, fires in The Last Of Us Part II – particularly during the Seraphite Island assault toward the end of the game, were worthy of high praise – and Naughty Dog’s technical capabilities shine through best with these graphics. 

The farmhouse clip – as anyone who played the original game will know – leads to one of the most heartbreaking moments in the story. Last week, GameLuster reported that Naughty Dog had unveiled a graphics comparison for a sequence taken from the fall chapter of the story.

The Last Of Us Part 1 will launch on the PS5 on September 2, including casting news for HBO’s The Last Of Us TV adaptation, with a PC version coming at an unspecified date in the future. For all updates on The Last of Us, stay tuned right here at GameLuster. 

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