The Last Of Us Part II Pearl Jam Plot Hole Explained

Game-director/writer Neil Druckmann has clarified a plot hole within The Last Of Us Part II in a recent tweet. For those who’ve still not yet played the game, there are spoilers ahead.

Early into the game, a cinematic sees Joel play the guitar for Ellie, performing a cover of Pearl Jam’s “Future Days.” The song was a part of the album Lighting Bolt, released on October 15, 2013, and this is where the plot hole appears.

Within the timeline of The Last Of Us Part II, Outbreak Day occurred on September 26, 2013. The question left unanswered is how Joel could know about a song unreleased at that time?

Arguably, it is a plot hole, but as clarified by game-director Neil Druckmann, the explanation is a simple one and makes a lot of sense. As Neil explains, the cover “was performed live and posted on youtube months prior to the album’s release.”

Beneath the short explanation is a link to a Youtube clip of Pearl Jam performing the song at Wrigley Field in Chicago, Illinois, on July 19. Joel had seen the video on Youtube before the game’s fictional end of the world.

Naughty Dog’s VP Neil Druckmann recently announced the studio has “no plans” for a DLC to Part II. The announcement was made during a Kinda Funny Games spoiler cast for The Last Of Us Part II.

Host Greg Miller asked if there were any plans for a DLC in the future. Neil responded that there were “no plans for DLC.” Greg changed tact, asking about the development of a faction multiplayer. In response, Neil said: “I remember when we used to make multiplayer games.”

Greg later suggested people within Naughty Dog might be working on the multiplayer mode, only for Neil to mime a lip-zipping action.

The Last Of Us Part II is available on PS4, released on June 19. For those already safe from spoilers, and want more from The Last Of Us Part II, check out the GameLuster review.

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