The Last Of Us Showrunners Are Close To Casting Abby

The creative minds behind The Last Of Us on HBO will look ahead to the future on how best to translate The Last Of Us Part II into a second season. Crucially, casting the right actors in the right roles is essential, and it looks as if the showrunners have found their first choice for Abby. 

Following a story from The Hollywood Reporter, Craig Mazin, a co-creator of the HBO series alongside game chief Neil Druckmann, seemed to suggest that the casting for Abby Anderson had been finalised.

However, those in charge are unwilling to give away information on who. The last time we discussed the potential candidates for Abby’s casting, Shannon Berry, an actress with links to The Wilds, had been a serious contender, considering how alike in appearance she was to the video game counterpart. 

Or could it be someone entirely new, an undiscovered, up and coming talent? Mazin and Druckmann are keeping it under wraps, but prior to the SAG-AFTRA strikes, Mazin said casting was underway. “Look, Abby was the first role that we wanted to tackle. We’ve got a pretty good track record of making major cast announcements and people going, ‘Really?’ which will probably continue. So people may disagree, but I think we got it right so far and the audience seems to feel we got it right.”

Other contenders for the role of such a critically divided character, particularly among fans include House of the Dragon’s Emma D’Arcy. Let us know your thoughts on this story, and we’ll keep you updated on new developments at GameLuster.

Universal recently launched a haunted house attraction inspired by The Last Of Us, while Craig Mazin hinted that the HBO show could run for as many as four seasons.

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