The Planet Crafter: How To Get & Use Aluminum

Although the planet you are stranded on doesn’t have any life, this place is filled with numerous rich minerals. This is great news since you need a ton of materials to set up your base and complete your mission. One of the minerals you must gather is Aluminum, and in this guide, we’ll explain how you can get and use this material in The Planet Crafter.

The Planet Crafter Aluminum Guide

The Planet Crafter Aluminum Location


You can get Aluminum from the Aluminum Hills near the standard landing site. This area is located on the east side of the Iridium Mine. You should be able to see tall rock formations from afar. When you enter this area, the sky will turn dark, so you may need to turn on your flashlight. 

I highly recommend building an Ore Extractor in this area so you can passively gather this mineral. You can unlock this machine once you raise your Pressure level to 155 μPa. Here are the materials you need to build one Ore Extractor T1:

  • Osmium x1
  • Iridium Rod x1
  • Super Alloy x1
  • Aluminum x1
  • Titanium x1

Besides Aluminum Hills, you can also find this material in other locations. However, they appear less frequently than on the hills. Here is the list:

  • Iridium Mine
  • Sulfur Fields
  • Zeolite Cave
  • Labyrinth Canyons
  • Meteor Field

Here are all the items you can make using Aluminum in The Planet Crafter:

  • Buildings:
    • Biodome T1
    • Biodome T2
    • Biolab
  • Machines:
    • Vegetube T3
    • Drill T3
    • Solar Panel T2
    • Heater T2
    • Heater T3
    • Beacon
    • Communication Antenna
    • Advanced Craft Station
    • Grass Spreader
    • Ore Extractor T1
    • Food Grower
    • Atmospheric Water Collector
    • Lake Water Collector
  • Others:
    • Microchip – Compass
    • Microchip – Torch T2
    • Backpack T3
    • Oxygen Tank T3
    • Exoskeleton T2 Exoskeleton T2
    • Microchip – Mining Speed T1
    • Microchip – Mining Speed T3
    • Agility Boots T1
    • Jetpack T2
    • Super Alloy
    • Water Filter
    • Circuit Board 

That’s the end of our guide on how to get and use Aluminum. For more The Planet Crafter content, you can read our post on how to use Fusion Reactor.

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