With the Japanese PS4 launch date approaching set for launch on the 22nd of February sales of the PS4 have gained a lot of momentum which can be seen as the PS4 has just passed 5.3 million units sold in just over three months which says volumes about the systems marketing against their competitor the Xbox One which currently sits at  3 million units which is still a large amount of consoles sold in just less than 3 months however it still shows a significant gap between the rival systems.


Meanwhile both consoles still lack a system selling game however these soon may be arriving for both systems, in the corner for the Xbox One is Respawn Entertainment with Titanfall which has gained a great amount of hype after its Beta for Xbox One however this games system selling power will probably be greatly reduced due to it also getting a PC release which also had a beta which has recently finished  . In the corner for PS4 is Sucker punches Infamous:Second Son which has gained critical praise from its closed door demo’s from almost all gaming press however it is yet to be seen if this exclusive will sell the system however this game has a bit of an advantage as Infamous Second Son is completely exclusive to PS4. You know both Microsoft & Sony are invested in these two games as they both release in a special bundle with the consoles. (As Seen above and below.)


In the coming months we will see how the Japanese market being introduced to the PS4 will affect the game, as well as seeing whether or not either of Microsoft or Sony’s big AAA game releases will affect the sales of their systems, as most criticism leveled at the new generation of consoles tends to be towards both the systems lack of content not just exclusive content.

How do you think the systems will continue to compete or sell? 


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