Total War: Warhammer has broken a franchise sales record

Creative Assembly’s Total War franchise has never really been a massive failure, it is one of the rare franchises that has remained somewhat consistent over the years, but even still sometimes spicing it up with some new ideas does not hurt. This of course was proven with Creative Assembly’s latest effort Total War: Warhammer which blended the two ideas into one game, and this game has broken franchise sale records in the less then a week it has been on the market, as Sega has shared.

Total War: Warhammer arrived last Tuesday, and Sega has shared the news that the game has sold over half a million copies in less then a week, this in turn has led to this entry being the fastest selling game in the long running franchise. Discussing the newest games commercial success studio head Tim Heaton explained that the team paid particular attention to stabilitity and performance, in full he stated:

“The team paid particular attention to stability and performance throughout the game’s development…”

He continued on saying:

“[We’ve] thoroughly enjoyed creating new ways to play Total War within Games Workshop’s stunning Warhammer Fantasy world. We’re very proud of it, and it’s wonderful to see the game receiving such a great reception from critics, Total War veterans and new players alike.”

In case you want to check this game out but have yet to purchase it you may wish to try to do this soon, players have until this coming Tuesday (May 31st) to get their hands on the Chaos Warriors Race Pack which is currently available for free. This particular pack adds three additional Legendary Lords to the game, and honestly who knows when they might come in handy during gameplay.

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