Uncharted 2 Reference Found In The Last Of Us Part II

Redditor briecheesed has discovered a reference to Nate and Tenzin from Uncharted 2: Among Thieves in Naughty Dog’s most recent title, The Last Of Us Part II. While the easter egg isn’t hidden, it’s surprisingly easy to miss. This particular shout-out to arguably the best Uncharted story can be found in a painting during a walkthrough of Joel’s Jackson house.

The painting on the staircase depicts silhouettes of Tenzin and Nate brandishing weapons in the Tibetan ice caves. In response to the discovery, one Redditor hailed the entire sequence with Nate and Tenzin as “one of the main inspirations for Joel and Ellie.” 

Uncharted 2 Easter Egg in TLoU Part II (It’s Nate and Tenzin!) I didn’t see this posted anywhere else, so my apologies if this is old news
by in thelastofus

Other references to the Uncharted series can be found in both titles, from a real-life Uncharted board game in the Pittsburgh toy shop as Joel and Ellie escape with Henry and Sam in the first game, to a Nathan Drake costume at the Halloween store during the Left Behind DLC. Nathan Drake’s iconic ring inscribed with the iconic quote Sic Parvis Magna can be found in the Westlake Bank on Day 1 during Seattle. 

What this latest discovery proves once again is that no matter how many extensive play-throughs a player can undertake on Part II, small details can always be missed.

For an example, head on over to the link and check out my run-through of the Westlake Bank as part of the Hidden Gems series. There’s a particular safety deposit box to watch out for as Ellie and Dina enter the vault, and it’s the very one containing Drake’s ring that I bizarrely decide to ignore. 

Most recently, Joel and Ellie were cast for HBO’s upcoming adaptation of The Last Of Us, with former Game Of Thrones’ stars, Pedro Pascal (also known for his role in The Mandalorian) and Bella Ramsey chosen to play these leading roles. Meanwhile, the series pilot recently received a new director, with Kantemir Balagov taking the reins for the opening episode.


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