Valkyria Chronicles 4 Releases This September

We now have a definitive release date for Valkyria Chronicles 4.

Valkyria Chronicles 4 will release on September 25 in North America and Europe. The game will release for PC, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One.

In North America, pre-orders and first-run physical copies of the game will come as the “Launch Edition.” This version of the game comes with an exclusive skin featuring Ragnarok the medic dog for the controller of whichever platform you buy the game on. In Europe, the Launch Edition will feature a sticker of Ragnarok.

Valkyria Chronicles 4 will also be available in the “Memoirs from Battle” premium edition. This version of the game will come with an exclusive vinyl statue of the “Hafen” tank, as well as a 100-page artbook inspired by Claude’s in-game journal, which will feature watercolor-styled art from the game. Also included in this edition is a pair of DLC adventures entitled “A United Front with Squad 7” and “Edy’s Advance Ops,” which reunite players with the members of Squad 7. These DLC adventures include four exclusive story missions, and will feature fully voiced cutscenes and unique challenges. When these missions are finished, players will unlock Squad 7 and Edy’s personal submachine gun for use in the main game. This premium edition of the game will cost gamers $99.99.

It was first announced that Valkyria Chronicles 4 would be coming to PC last week at E3. It was one of a few titles that Sega announced was coming to PC later this year. Other titles included Yakuza 0, Yakuza Kiwami, Shenmue 1&2, and Shining Resonance Refrain.

What do you think? Are you looking forward to Valkyria Chronicles 4? Let us know in the comments below. 

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