Various preorder bonuses planned for Middle Earth: Shadows of Mordor

I have always loved my games set in the Lord of the Rings Universe, I remember falling in love with the Return of the King video game, War in the North was also pretty fun and Shadow’s of Mordor is shaping up to be a potentially great new vision of Middle Earth and to entice people to buy the game Warner Brothers Interactive has announced some new preorder bonuses, Hhere is an overview of what different places will be offering:


– Deadly Archer Rune
– Boosts the damage of ranged headshots

Best Buy

– Flame Arnor Rune
– Adds flames to Talion’s sword and helps rack up higher attack combo chains


– Captain of the Watch skin
– Cosmetic costume for Talion
– Hidden Blade Rune
– Talion can give out extra damage with stealth attacks


– Orc Slayer Rune
– Enahnces the effectiveness of Talion’s special attacks

All retailers

– Dark Ranger bonus pack
– Includes a new costume and new challenge mode

Will any of these preorder offers do anything for you, from my quick look nothing seems that special, oh well the game still looks cool so at least that is there.

Source: Gaming Everything

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