The works of the legendary fantasy author Jules Verne are being adapted into a pixel art odyssey by Gametopia. Verne: The Shape of Fantasy, set for a 2023 release, takes the player to a parallel 1888 aboard the iconic submarine Nautilus, on a quest to save the world from the evil ‘Nation’. Jules Verne and Captain Nemo (famed captain from sci-fi classic Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea) need to search for the city of Atlantis, which houses an ancient artifact that can change the course of the war. A demo is out now to try over on Steam.


The game is a narrative driven puzzle-platform adventure, with beautiful steampunk pixel art that captures the retro feel one would expect from a classic sci-fi adventure. Exploration is key to Verne: The Shape of Fantasy. Players must leave no stone unturned as they scavenge through the ruins of Atlantis. 

The Steam page for the title highlights a non-linear dialogue system, which aims to “reflect the human ability to imagine and tell the most fantastic stories.” It comes as no surprise that the developers want to emphasize the craft of storytelling. Their adventure game draws from Jules Verne, one of the most celebrated names in science fiction. A good story is key for Verne: The Shape of Fantasy. To that end, Gametopia has even published a prequel webcomic, available here for those of you seeking to flesh out your adventure even more. 

A screenshot from Verne: The Shape of Fantasy
The N is for “Nautical.” Probably.

We think the game has promise and can’t wait to see more, especially a release date. Are you looking forward to Verne: The Shape of Fantasy? Will Gametopia’s title be your first time diving into the world of Verne, or are you a long-time explorer of his works? Either way, drop your thoughts in the comments below! For all other news on Verne: The Shape of Fantasy, stay tuned right here at GameLuster.

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