Watch Dogs Legion Update Includes Aiden Pearce, Stormzy

Fans were eagerly awaiting news on the upcoming stealth-action title Watch Dogs Legion, which quickly gained popularity when its initial announcement revealed that you could, quite literally, recruit and play as nearly every person living in London. Today’s Ubisoft UbiForward livestream event announced several new recruit-able characters who will be featured in the game including several entirely unexpected faces.

Getaway driver Dan, hacker Elena, and street artist Teresa all seemed like the kind of folks you would expect to see living in London and willingly joining up with the Resistance. But what about Shelby, a beekeeper who uses swarms of her “little friends” to attack and distract enemies? Or Mark, a hitman who is unfortunately afflicted with hiccups? The game’s potential Resistance recruits range from the average to the bizarre – and even include a real-life Londoner.


During the event, rapper and songwriter Stormzy revealed that he is collaborating with Ubisoft to create the music for Watch Dogs Legion. A spokesperson described Stormzy’s music as “socially aware” and “representative of the people,” precisely the tone they were looking for in a game that celebrates the good, the bad, and the ugly of London.

Stormzy will also appear as a character in the game, as part of a mission entitled “Fall On My Enemies.” This is also the title of a new single by the rapper, which will feature a music video set in the world of Legion. A preview of this music video was shown during the stream. Stormzy and his mission will be available as soon as the game launches on October 29.

Additionally, the game’s first DLC character will be none other than Aiden Pearce, a hacker and the protagonist of the very first Watch Dogs title. An older Pearce will have a unique mission that continues his character’s story from the previous games in which he appeared. Pearce will be part of a Season Pass for Legion, which does not yet have an official release date.

This UbiForward event comes as Ubisoft is facing allegations of sexual harassment and employee mistreatment, which GameLuster has also covered. You can read more about the recent controversies here and here.

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