Far Cry Comes to VR with Dive Into Insanity

During today’s UbiForward livestream event, Ubisoft announced that they are teaming up with VR pioneers Zero Latency to create a one-of-a-kind virtual reality experience based on the first-person shooter franchise Far Cry. The game, titled Far Cry: Dive into Insanity, is currently scheduled to debut some time in 2021. It will be available exclusively at Zero Latency VR Arcade locations.

Dive into Insanity will allow up to eight players to don backpacks and headsets, strap on guns, and explore the world of Far Cry III’s Rook Islands, a gorgeous, tropical and also deadly setting.

Although the reveal trailer shown during the UbiForward event did not show off much in the way of gameplay, a spokesperson for Ubisoft promised that the game would feature the plentiful gunfire and explosions and sense of danger that the Far Cry series has become known for.


Also, Vaas Montenegro, an antagonistic character from Far Cry 3, will play some role in the game. Not much is known, but, based on the image of him threatening the player with a gun and calling them insane, it seems like Vaas will once again be an enemy who must be defeated to survive in the dangerous VR world.

Zero Latency was chosen for this team-up because of its innovative developments regarding “open” virtual reality experiences. Ubisoft has promised that Dive Into Insanity will not be an “on the rails” experience, and will instead allow players to genuinely explore the Far Cry setting that they are thrust into.

Are you ready to experience Far Cry like never before? Let us know!

This UbiForward event comes as Ubisoft is facing allegations of sexual harassment and employee mistreatment, which GameLuster has also covered. You can read more about the recent controversies here and here.

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