Xenoblade Chronicles 3D sells less then 75’000 units in America

Back in April the first “exclusive” game arrived for the New Nintendo 3DS, Xenoblade Chronicles 3D that is simply a remake of a classic Wii game. The original Xenoblade Chronicles is an exceptionally popular game for the Wii but is hard to find, and the announcement that the game would be coming back was big news, and the good news of the game is that sales seem to be on par with the actual system it is on. Unlike Nintendo’s 3DS and Wii, the install base for the New Nintendo 3DS is a lot lower as it is a newer system with a point to prove.

The NPD Group reports many of the sales numbers for games across the US, though many publishers don’t actually release official sales figures, but the sales figures for Xenoblade Chronicles 3D have been leaked in a report by a reliable NeoGAF user with the screen name “creamsugar”. According to his report Xenoblade Chronicles 3D has sold under 75’000 units in its first month in America. As I have said previoulsy the install base for the New Nintendo 3DS is not as big as the Wii or the standard 3DS, so immediately the numbers don’t look that great, but consider the New Nintendo 3DS owners in the world and that isn’t bad sales wise and lines up with the sales seen in Japan. It is also worth noting that Xenoblade Chronicles is still not a well known franchise so many will be nervous about picking up the game or just may not be interested.

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