Xenoblade Chronicles X’s E3 2013 trailer compared to footage from the latest presentation

Xenoblade Chronicles X has been in development for quite a while and as part of this has seen many facelifts as the game saw many changes and upgrades to make the game even better. In 2013 we saw a major part of Xenoblade Chronicles X featuring one of the games characters walking toward his mech, at the time this looked pretty good though was notably flawed, watching the same scene we saw at E3 2013 now it is evident how much an upgrade the game has had graphically. In fact the game looks a whole lot better now as you will see in this video that compares the scene we saw at E3 2013 with how it looks now, it is worth noting that changes have also been made to the same scene such as the mech has seen a color change and it might just be me but I think the character has also seen a change, either wa you can see the comparison below:


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