Have you ever gotten tired of constantly fighting endless hordes of the undead? Well, why not try curing them instead! In Zombie Cure Lab, players do just that as they face down the hordes of the zombie apocalypse — though using medicine and research rather than violence. This quirky simulator comes from Aerosoft, one of the biggest name in PC simulators. Aerosoft is known for games including the critically lauded 2020 version of Microsoft Flight Simulator. They have partnered with Thera Bytes, a German-based publisher dedicated to combining the worlds of gaming and health.

In Zombie Cure Lab, players stepp into the role of a scientist determined to find the cure for the zombie virus. As such a scientist, players will be charged with building a sturdy base and developing technology such as freeze rays that can be used to capture zombie test subjects. Once players have developed a working cure, they will be able to turn their test subjects into “Humbies:” human-zombie hybrids which can then be sent out to scavenge for resources. But beware — if you don’t take proper care of your Humbies, by making sure they get plenty of food and have a comfortable place to live, they might just revert back to their previous flesh-eating ways.

Just another day in the lab…

Zombie Cure Lab is inspired by other classics in the building and management simulator genre, including Prison Architect and Two Point Hospital. The title features a bright, colorful, cheerful aesthetic, which somehow both contrasts with and is perfectly suited for the game’s post-apocalyptic setting. You’ll start with just a small team of scientists standing tall against the ever-advancing horde of the undead. As you develop your lab, however, you can turn it into a huge, efficient zombie-curing facility. Hopefully.

Zombie Cure Lab launches in early access on Steam later in 2022. For more on Zombie Cure Lab, stay tuned right here at GameLuster.

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