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Remaster of Star Ocean: The Last Hope arrives this November

on Thu, Oct 19, 2017 | By Tow

The prequel to the original Star Ocean will be arriving on PS4 and PC on November 28 as a full HD remaster with added 4K support. The game will be released digitally, with the Steam version having keyboard, mouse and controller support. Star Ocean: The Last Hope keeps the original item creation and private action systems...

Hacking and Slashing Through History: Wulverblade Review

on Thu, Oct 19, 2017 | By SeanPyle

Anyone reading this review is familiar with the powerful way video games entertain us. But the medium is capable of much more, and the educational aspect of Wulverblade, a newly released indie title from developer Fully Illustrated, highlights this potential. Scattered throughout the levels of this beat-em-up throwback...

Score: 8.3

Thoughts On Think of the Children

on Tue, Oct 17, 2017 | By DougiePowell

Developer Jammed Up Studios, along with Publisher Surprise Attack, have confirmed that their new game Think of the Children will be released this Thursday. The game describes itself as a “parenting simulator” with goals of keeping your children alive and avoiding prosecution of child neglect. “Hauled before the court...

Glo Review

on Tue, Oct 17, 2017 | By DougiePowell

Have you ever played Tetris and thought, “Wouldn’t this be better if the screen was almost completely dark and I couldn’t see what I was doing?” Well, my friend, your incredibly specific prayers have been answered. Glo is a new indie puzzle game from Chronik Spartan, with the opening description line: “What happens...

Score: 8

Doki Doki Literature – Horrifyingly Amazing

on Mon, Oct 16, 2017 | By Tow

Nobody is more surprised than I am for completing Doki Doki Literature. I dislike horror games since I scare easily, and anything with jump scares, eerie music, and supernatural creatures will have me hiding under my desk. It’s a challenge to get through even the shortest of horror games, though I probably broke my...

DOOM Releases for Nintendo Switch November 10

on Mon, Oct 16, 2017 | By Simon Smith

The latest Nintendo Direct presentation brought with it many surprises but none bigger than the reveal that Bethesda is bringing DOOM to the Switch. This Goliath of a game released in 2016 to great critical reception and made many gamers’ best of the year list. Those interested in DOOM on the Switch don’t...

Expansion Makes Warframe Even More Masterful MMORPG

on Sat, Oct 14, 2017 | By John Morano

It seems to me that over its lifetime, Warframe has been three distinct games. At launch, it was clearly an indie title, glitchy with subpar graphics, imprecise controls, no plot, and very little depth. I played this incarnation of Warframe, decided to pass on the game, and didn’t revisit it until a year later. However,...

Bury Me, My Love – The Story of a Syrian Refugee

on Sat, Oct 14, 2017 | By DougiePowell

French indie developers The Pixel Hunt and Figs along with publisher Playdius and co-producer ARTE have announced the release date for their latest project. Bury Me, My Love is an instant-messaging adventure inspired by real events surrounding the lives of Syrian refugees, to be released on October 26. The game focuses...

Golden Joystick Awards 2017

on Wed, Oct 11, 2017 | By DougiePowell

Toward the end of last month, voting opened for the thirty-fifth annual Golden Joystick Awards. The Golden Joystick Awards are the second oldest gaming award and a chance for gamers to show appreciation for their favourite games of 2017. Just twenty-four hours after voting went live on September 21, it was reported that...

Middle Earth: Shadow of War Released

on Wed, Oct 11, 2017 | By DougiePowell

On October 10, Monolith Productions finally released their Shadow of Mordor sequel, Middle-earth: Shadow of War. The game is an open-world RPG inspired by the world of J.R.R. Tolkien, and contains monsters and Middle-earth scenery familiar to any Tolkien fan along with original enemies and a new story. Shadow of Mordor...