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Koei Tecmo working on Nintendo NX games

Fatal Frame Maiden of Black Water
on Thu, Apr 28, 2016 | By Simon Smith

Nintendo only revealed that the Nintendo NX would be coming out in March of next year, and already it is being confirmed that games are in the works for the system. Koei Tecmo has revealed that they are developing games for the Nintendo NX, however they have not said or even teased what they are working on. In regards...

Star Fox Guard review

Star Fox Guard main
on Wed, Apr 27, 2016 | By Simon Smith

It can often be hard to anticipate a game and build expectations when you forget it even exists. This is probably the best part about starting to play Star Fox Guard, since the games initial reveal as Project Guard back at E3 in 2014 I had actually completely forgotten about the game’s existence. It was not until a recent...

Score: 7.5

Superhot’s Xbox One release date has been announced

on Wed, Apr 27, 2016 | By Simon Smith

Superhot is an impressive game, it does an interesting job blending different mechanics to create a truly unique experience. Prior to this game you would not have expected that mixing first person shooter components with puzzle solving would work but with the way Superhot does it I am surprised the formula was never previously...

Sony has revealed May’s Playstation Plus games

Tropico 5
on Wed, Apr 27, 2016 | By Simon Smith

Looking to get your hands on the latest free games then look no further then the games that will hitting Playstation Plus in May. Sony has officially revealed the games that Playstation 3, 4, and Vita owners will be able to get this coming months and personally I think we have some promise. The titles are as follows: On...

Fire Emblem Fates has sold over 1.87 million copies worldwide

Fire Emblem Fates
on Wed, Apr 27, 2016 | By Simon Smith

Fire Emblem Fates has not even arrived in Europe or Australia yet but already the game is doing really well. Following excellent reviews of both games Conquest and Birthright sales have proceeded well worldwide, following the much loved Awakening the latest game in the series Fates has managed to sell over 1.87 million...

Zelda U will be the only playable game from Nintendo at E3

Zelda U new artwork
on Wed, Apr 27, 2016 | By Simon Smith

Nintendo has revealed that Zelda U has been delayed to 2017, as well as revealing that the game will be a dual release with the Wii U and NX. It was previously suggested that Nintendo would be making a huge presence for Zelda U at E3 and indeed Nintendo has highlighted their plans as such. According to Nintendo of Europe...

Nintendo NX coming in March 2017, likely not to be at E3

on Wed, Apr 27, 2016 | By Simon Smith

Nintendo has announced its financial results and with it has revealed many some big details, namely the Nintendo NX has now been dated but not for when we were expecting. Nintendo has officially revealed that the Nintendo NX will be arriving in March of 2017, this of course moves it out of competition with its competitors...