Ashley Johnson, best known for providing her voice and motion capture as Ellie in The Last of Us, has praised Bella Ramsey for playing the character in the adaptation, saying the actress has “elevated” what she bought to life in 2013. “Because of the depth and talent that Bella has. I feel like she’s elevated it.”

“I feel like she’s brought so much more to Ellie than we were able to do in the game,” Johnson told media outlets (including GamesRadar+, thanks to their story). Johnson described several “moments and scenes where Ellie has been able to say things that I feel like I never got to, where she’s been able to stand up for herself and stand up to Joel or stand up to anybody around her.”

The Last of Us Bella Ramsey Ellie
Ellie’s original voice actress had a lot of praise for Ramsey’s embodiment of the character.

”I don’t feel like anybody else could have done this part,” Johnson admitted. She said she “finally watched the last episode and she’s so f*cking good. She absolutely blows me away. It’s gonna sound so weird – I feel so proud of her. I feel a connection to her, I think because we both love this character. And I think there’s so much of her that already is Ellie… I feel a massive connection to Bella and I am so blown away by what she’s done. What an incredible actor.”

Johnson featured in a guest spot during Sunday night’s season finale, playing Anna, Ellie’s biological mother. The character is only referenced in dialogue during the Left Behind DLC. Anna gives birth to Ellie after a fight with an infected stalker before being killed by Marlene before turning. The season finale secured a new series record as more than 8 million viewers tuned in to watch the conclusion of HBO’s adaptation. Plus, Naughty Dog has already decided on what their next project will be

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