Blade Runner Meets Silent Hill In New Horror Hollowbody

Yep, you read that right. The reveal trailer dropped to debut the new indie survival horror title Hollowbody from Headware Games. From the trailer’s get-go, you get the strong Blade Runner vibes from the sc-fi and cyberpunk-like backdrop before you are plunged into the dark and gritty Silent Hill-like classic horror environment.

Hollowbody is a third-person survival shooter that is described as being “inspired by early 2000s horror titles” and having “an emphasis on strong world building set in a dystopian near-future.” This impression is clear from the flashlight-lit and creepy atmosphere combined with the unsettling monsters attacking Mica, a Shipper, who you would play as.

The trailer offers viewers a glimpse at a number of different classic horror areas that you can explore, including a dingy abandoned building, a beach, spooky shadowy streets, a derelict parking lot, and a corpse with a missing heart who is chained against a gate. All cheery fun.

Hollowbody follows Mira’s hover ship crashing into the “exclusion zone” which is described as “twenty miles of death and decay sealed off by the towering, suffocating walls erected after the collapse.” So doesn’t sound like a great place to be, but a possible delight for survival horror fans! Not much has been revealed about what this collapse is, but it can be assumed the fall of civilisation in some regard. Hollowbody requires you to work your way through the zone and solve various logic puzzles along the way as well as in classic survival style, manage your resources and escape.

There is also an emphasis on the narrative and exploration as opposed to combat, plus you’ll have to think carefully as there are multiple endings.

Currently, there is no set release date for Hollowbody but it will be sometime in 2023 and available on PC with others to be confirmed. You can also support to project on Kickstarter if you’re interested.

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