Burger King Offers Chance To Win A PlayStation 5

Not able to snag that PlayStation 5 pre-order? Well, now you’ve got a chance to win a console of your very own – and all you have to do to enter is buy a burger.

Burger King and Sony have teamed up to offer 1000 fans a chance to win a PlayStation 5 console. The event started yesterday, and will run through November 22. Currently, the promotion is only available in the United States, but it is expected to also kick off in several other parts of the world over the next month.

To participate, you’ll need to register via either BK.com or the official Burger King app. Each time you purchase the “2 for $5” deal, or make a purchase of over $5 via the Burger King app, you’ll receive a game token which can be used to unlock a digital scratch-off game. In addition to the PlayStation 5 console, you have a chance to win other prizes such as PlayStation game codes and Burger King coupons. Keep in mind that you can only earn one token per day.

The 2 for $5 deal, which this promotion highlights, allows you to choose two popular Burger King menu items from a list which includes the classic Whopper, Big Fish sandwich, grilled chicken sandwich and Chicken Fries.

An advertisement for the event, which features customers opening Burger King bags only to find a PlayStation 5 inside, received attention from fans as it provided a first glimpse at the as of yet unreleased PlayStation 5 box. As predicted, the box is fairly large and features a white color to match the console’s own color scheme.

While this promotion doesn’t necessarily mean that we’ll be seeing more Burger King video games in the future, we can definitely hope – after all, who wouldn’t want to see a PlayStation 5 exclusive Sneak King 2? 

Are you going to try and win a PlayStation 5 through Burger King? Let us know in the comments!

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