Super Mario Cafe Officially Opens in Universal Studios Japan

While the newly-built Super Nintendo World section of the park still remains shut, the official Mario Cafe & Store is now open at Universal Studios in Osaka, Japan.

The cafe, which is located in the park’s Hollywood area, held an exclusive opening event for the media on October 15 before opening to the general public on October 16. Representatives from news sources including The Japan Times, NHK World News, and IGN have released pictures and videos providing Nintendo fans with their first look at the cafe’s interior, which features mushroom themed tables and seats, as well as light up question blocks and warp pipes on the walls.

Check out this video of the grand opening, featuring a dance performed by none other than Mario and Luigi themselves:

The cafe is currently serving a limited menu, featuring pancake sandwiches inspired by Mario and Luigi’s iconic hats, and Italian-style cream sodas for the plumbers and Princess Peach. You can also purchase the “Super Mushroom Sipper,” a mushroom-shaped souvenir cup which can be filled with the soft drink of your choice.

Reporters from Universal Parks News Today sampled all of the available items. Surprisingly, they rated Luigi’s grape no-bake cheesecake pancake sandwich and green apple soda more highly than Mario’s strawberry sandwich and drink – when it comes to sweets, Luigi finally triumphs over his brother! Princess’s Peach’s appropriately peach-flavored soda, which features peach chunks and peach-flavored tapioca pearls, also received a generally positive rating.

The “Store” part of “Cafe & Store” features a wide range of brand new merchandise including clothes, accessories, and, of course, hats. Most items sold in the store are available in red, green and pink versions, allowing fans to show support for their favorite plumber or princess. Much of the merchandise features the cafe’s official slogans, “Whose Cap?” and “Whose Crown?” which emphasizes Mario, Luigi, and Peach’s easily recognizable headgear.

What item would you like to try off the Mario Cafe menu? Let us know!

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