Call Of Duty 2021 Title May Be Set In World War 2

A well-known Call of Duty leaker, Victor_Z, has suggested that the latest CoD title will be set in World War II. In a simple Twitter post, an image of 2017’s Call of Duty: WWII title is captioned by a hammer emoji, which likely refers to Sledgehammer Games, those behind the previous title, and the last World War II game in the franchise to date.

It would make sense then, considering that the leaker has produced correct information in the past, and that Sledgehammer Games were involved in 2017’s gritty Call of Duty: WWII

Plus, earlier in the month, fellow leaker ModernWarzone similarly indicated that this year’s title would be developed by Sledgehammer, weighing in favor of a new WWII title of some kind. Yet until the news is made official, every new piece of information will need to be taken with a pinch of salt.

However, there are other theories out there to take into account. Another prominent leaker, Tom Henderson, last year suggested that the new title would share a connection to the Modern Warfare universe, and Sledgehammer were connected to 2019’s soft reboot. Despite a lack of information, Henderson claimed the game would have “a modern day setting.”

In the past, Victor_Z correctly predicted crossplay and new features in Modern Warfare, so at the very least, this new information can be thrown into the hat for what the franchise might do next.

In response to the post, Henderson suggested that while Victor is a reliable source for information, the leak “conflicts reports from other leakers saying 1950s, but regardless, it looks like we’re getting another title set in the past.”

In a separate post, Henderson lists the criteria he’s aware of regarding the new title. The game would integrate Warzone content, be considered “controversial like MW” and “gritty”, incorporating guerrilla warfare and boots on the ground styles of gameplay.

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