Black Ops Cold War’s ‘Outbreak’ Mode Is Leaked

The Call Of Duty website appears to have leaked the forthcoming ‘Outbreak’ mode set to arrive in Black Ops Cold War. This came after an established Call Of Duty leaker, Okami, recently indicated the existence of a “Treyarch style, co-op zombies on a large scale Fireteam map.” 

Now Okami has posted new information to his Twitter feed, confirming that for “about 30 minutes”, the Outbreak mode was live on the Cold War Zombies home page. According to the screenshot in the post, Outbreak is described as a “new large-scale zombies experience.”

Okami added in a later post: “Seems like Activision is really going to hype this mode up. They must be really confident in it.”

“A new trailer, cross promo between Warzone and Cold War, plus rumours of an entire event around it. We’ve already seen some in game teasers. Should be legit!”

The advert was subsequently, and rather swiftly, taken down from the site. This appears to back up Okami’s earlier statement that the Outbreak mode would be coming soon. The premise of this new Outbreak mode is an exciting one, but this isn’t strictly the first time that hordes of flesh-eaters have run rampant within the battle-royale.

Last year, in celebration of Halloween, The Haunting of Verdansk event was unveiled, running from October 20 to November 3, and introduced a battle-royale with an undead spin on it. The mode was tentatively titled Zombie Royale. If an operator was killed in action, they’d subsequently reanimate as a zombie, and “use unnatural powers to feast on the living in order to rejoin their ranks!”.

Staying on the subject of the undead hordes, the latest zombies map, Firebase Z went live on February 4. Treyarch confirmed the Dark Aether story would continue in Black Ops Cold War’s first season, succeeding the previous map, Die Maschine, which launched with Black Ops Cold War last November. 

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