Dave The Diver: Best Staff To Hire

In Dave the Diver, you will find yourself needing to hire staff to help run Bancho Sushi. Dave, despite trying his hardest, isn’t going to be able to run the business on his own!

Thankfully after progressing far enough through the main story, you will unlock the ability to begin hiring employees who can either help Dave on the serving staff or help Bancho in the kitchen. Every person you can hire has different stats and skills that will be unlocked and upgraded as you invest money into their future! It’s a lot like real life in that way.

When you send out an ad, it is random which employees will apply – so you need to choose the right ones. This guide will cover who the best staff members are in Dave the Diver and also touch on what employee stats mean.

Employee Stats


There are four main stats that each staff member can have in Dave the Diver. The game never goes into detail on what each stat specifically does but thanks to fans’ hard work, there is a solid explanation for each.

  • Cooking: This increases the speed of cooking as soon as an order is received from the customer.
  • Serving: This stat increases the speed staff will deliver food to a customer.
  • Procure: This stat increases the probability that a staff member will bring back more than one item when they are sent out to procure spices, oils, and condiments.
  • Appeal: This stat is the one that determines the tips a staff member will receive, and also affects the overall satisfaction of customers.

The Best Employees In Dave The Diver


There are many different employees that you can hire. Some are going to be amazing and will excel at one thing specifically while some others, the more rare ones, will excel at just about everything. All of these staff below are being rated on how they are at their max level of 20, so you will have to put some time and money into investing in these employees.

  • Yone: Yone has one of the highest Cooking stats in the game at 1752 at max level. On top of her sky-high Cooking stat, she also comes with the Cooking ++ and Ingredient Prepping Expert skills, which buff her cooking speed even further.
  • El Nino: El Nino is a masked wrestler who can be quite hard to find. But once he pops up in your hireable staff, you need to grab him ASAP! His max Serving stat is 1033, and he has the Drink Serving Master and Cleaning Master skills which will free up a lot of time during the dinner rush.
  • Tohoku: Tohoku is solely focused on improving his cooking, so it makes sense why his Cooking stat is at 1294. He also has two Cooking + skills, which makes him an amazing addition to the kitchen staff.
  • Davina: Davina has a very high Procure stat of 859 and an Appeal stat of 915. What makes Davina so great is she can be used as a server in the front and get huge tips thanks to her Appeal stat and Irresistible Charm skill. But, she can also be used to Procure goods as well thanks to that high stat and her Dispatch Master skill.
  • Masayoshi: Masayoshi is an ideal member of any staff team with his 786 Cooking stat and his 814 Procure stat. He will be amazing in the kitchen thanks to his Ingredient Prep Expert skill. He also has the Dispatch Master skill, making him a great choice for harvesting ingredients.
  • Maki: Maki is a free staff member that you can unlock by playing the game through Chapter 2. Initially, she doesn’t have anything impressive about her. But, if you invest money and train her up to level 20, she has the highest Cooking stat in the game, coming in at a whopping 2100. On top of that high stat, she has a double Cooking + skill, making her a perfect choice for the kitchen!

Is there any staff member in Dave the Diver that you think should be added to this list? Comment below and let us know!

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2 months ago

old stats? tahoku sucks, he peaks at 789/808 not 1.2k