Master Detective Archives: Rain Code: How To Earn Detective Points

Detective Points (DP) are a valuable resource in Spike Chunsoft’s mystery adventure Master Detective Archives: Rain Code. Protagonist Yuma Kokohead’s DP amount will increase his Detective Rank, allowing him to purchase skills. Players can then equip these skills to make the puzzles and mini-games in each chapter’s Mystery Labyrinth easier to complete. Completing the Mystery Labyrinths is necessary to solve Rain Code’s many mysteries and expose the secrets of Kanai Ward, so you should collect DP as often as you can. Luckily, there are several methods of collecting DP in Master Detective Archives: Rain Code, and this guide will cover each and every one!

Complete Requests

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The easiest way to earn large amounts of DP in Master Detective Archives: Rain Code is by completing Requests. Requests are side quests that Yuma can do to help the residents of Kanai Ward with various problems. There are sixteen Requests total in the game – four each in Chapters 1-4. Generally, Requests must be completed before or during the chapter’s main investigation while Yuma has free access to Kanai Ward’s open-world map.

NPCs who have a Request for Yuma to complete will be marked in green on the game’s mini-map. Most Requests, if completed correctly, will reward Yuma with around 100 Detective Points. Make sure to check out GameLuster’s other guides if you are stuck on how to solve any of the sixteen Requests available in the game!

Find Memory Shards


Memory Shards are Shinigami-shaped statues found hidden around Kanai Ward. Picking up a Memory Shard allows Yuma to recall a conversation with one of his Master Detective allies, but that’s not all they’re good for! Adding a Memory Shard to your inventory will also reward you with a solid 25 Detective Points.

There are a total of 25 Memory Shards in the game, five for each of Yuma’s fellow detectives. They come in five varieties: bronze for Yakou Furio, silver for Fubuki Clockford, gold for Desuhiko Thunderbolt, emerald for Vivia Twilight, and amethyst for Halara Nightmare. Collecting all 25 shards throughout Chapters 1-5 of the game will earn you enough DP to purchase several valuable skills. If you’re having trouble finding any of the hidden Memory Shards, check out GameLuster’s guides to help you grab every single one.

Investigate Everything

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While Yuma explores the vast open world of Kanai Ward, he will find many things to investigate. Some of these are necessary for completing investigations – witnesses to interrogate, clues to gather – while others are not. However, investigating these non-essential objects and locations and talking to non-witness characters will earn you five or ten bonus Detective Points each time you do it.

These numbers may seem small, but they add up over the course of the game’s six chapters. To maximize your DP, you should talk to every character you meet and investigate everything you come across. Plus, you’ll learn tons of interesting information about Kanai Ward, Amaterasu Corporation, and the fascinating and mysterious world of Rain Code.

Earn SS Rank In Mystery Labyrinths

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At the end of each of the game’s Mystery Labyrinths, you will receive a letter grade, with SS being the highest possible score. Your score is dependent on whether you answered questions correctly, how well you scored in mini-games, and how well you managed your Stamina throughout the Labyrinth. The higher you score, the more Detective Points you will receive. This huge infusion of DP will give you a major boost heading into the next chapter, especially as the cases get trickier and trickier to solve.

If you’re struggling to score well in Mystery Labyrinths, you can check out GameLuster’s guides for each of the six Labyrinths available in Rain Code. Plus, after you have beaten the game once, you can return to previously cleared Labyrinths and attempt to earn a higher score. If you play the game a second time (or give the upcoming DLC a try), you will then have tons of DP to buy all the skills you want right off the bat!

With these tips and strategies, you should be able to earn plenty of Detective Points throughout Master Detective Archives: Rain Code. Using these DP, you can purchase skills to help Yuma and Shinigami navigate every Labyrinth and solve every mystery that comes their way. Of course, there’s also plenty of other Master Detective Archives: Rain Code guides for you to check out on GameLuster, so make sure to give them a read!

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