Dave The Diver: How To Increase Best Taste & Rank Up

Best Taste is one of the numerous features that Dave the Diver offers. When you open the Cooksta app on your phone, you will see that you need to increase the Taste of your dishes to rank up. However, the game doesn’t explain it very well, and figuring out what you need to do to reach higher Cooksta ranks might seem daunting. So, this handy guide will explain everything about Best Taste and how you achieve it in Dave the Diver.

How To Get & Increase Best Taste In Dave The Diver

Taste Emoji

In order to get the Best Taste in Dave The Diver, you need to Enhance your dishes in the Menu, which can be done by putting in some required items in the dish you have chosen. To the right of every dish, you will see three stats, which will include a smiling face with its tongue out emoji. This is the dish’s Best Taste score/rank, which means the level of satisfaction a customer can get from consuming it. Each dish can be enhanced ten levels, and its Best Taste increases each time. However, you will need to use more and more ingredients with each level.

A high Best Taste ranking is necessary to increase your rating in the Cooksta app, which helps you earn more money and attract more customers. The Cooksta ranks are:

  • Bronze Rank: In order to unlock this rank, you need to hit 10 Followers on the Cooksta app. You can do this by serving your sushi to the customer, getting them to like that dish, and posting it on the Cooksta app. You do not need to enhance any dishes for this rank.
  • Silver Rank: To advance to the Silver rank, you must unlock two new recipes and have a minimum of 20 followers. You can find new dishes by clicking the Research tab at the bottom of the screen when in Bancho Sushi.
  • Gold Rank: To unlock Gold Rank, you must have at least 100 followers. Along with that, you also need to unlock five new recipes and have one of your dish’s Best Taste scores above 125. Many dishes can reach a score of 125, but it is easiest to do this with dishes made from common ingredients like Clownfish, Blue Tang, or any kind of seaweed.
  • Platinum Rank: Unlocking the Platinum Rank requires you to have at least 200 followers, a Best Taste score of 250 (on any one dish in your menu), and 19 newly researched recipes. Your best bet for a 250 Best Taste are dishes made from rare ingredients found in the Glacial Area and Hydrothermal Vents.
  • Diamond Rank: The last rank, Diamond, is a little tough to achieve, as the prerequisites are relativity high. You must have at least 720 followers, a Best Taste score of 375, and 32 newly researched recipes. Your best options for reaching a Best Taste of 375 are Narwhal Sushi and Waptia Fieldensis Sushi.

That’s all you need to know on how to get and increase Best Taste in Dave the Diver. If you find this guide helpful, share it with your friends. And let us know if you have any questions in mind regarding this game or if you want any specific topics to be covered in future GameLuster guides!

Dave The Diver is currently available on PC via Steam.


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