Master Detective Archives: Rain Code: All Chapter 4 Requests Guide

Although Chapter 5 is the final chapter of Master Detective Archives: Rain Code, it does not feature any optional Requests. This means that Chapter 4 is the last chapter where Yuma Kokohead can complete Requests to earn extra Detective Points and buy skills. These side quests are also a bit longer and more elaborate than previous ones, because the end of the game is approaching. This guide will cover how to accept and complete the final four Master Detective Archives: Rain Code Requests, in Chapter 4.

If you want to claim their rewards, you MUST complete ALL of these Requests before heading to the Secret Lab for the main investigation. You CANNOT return to Kanai Ward once the lab has been entered.

Her Name Is Fubuki, The Legendary Waitress!

Request4 9

In Chapter 3, Master Detective Fubuki Clockford briefly worked at the cafe in Ginma District, and she picked up several fans in the process! This Request involves meeting up with a fan of Fubuki’s, the Passionate Man, next to the cafe. He will ask Yuma a series of questions, insistent on making him prove that he is a true Fubuki enthusiast. The questions and answers are listed below:

  • How does she wear her hair? Tied Back
  • How many piercings does she have in her right ear? Three
  • What is her name? Fubuki Clockford

After that, the man will demand you present him with an item that Fubuki would like. Head to Kamasaki District and visit the Variety Shop on the underground level near the entrance to the Riverbank. Talk to the shop owner to obtain Orichalcum (Fake). It might not be genuine, but it’s the perfect gift for an adventurer like Fubuki! Return to the Passionate Man and give him the item to complete this Request.

Lending The Church A Hand Again

Request4 2

As you did in Chapter 2, head to the Church and talk to the Nun. She will once again ask you to visit the citizens of Kanai Ward and help them with their problems. This time, there are three people Yuma needs to talk to. They are:

  • Woman Who Hates Being Hit On in front of Aetheria Academy (Answer: Leave it to me)
  • Woman With Stage Fright in front of the Clock Tower (Answer: I think things are okay as they are)
  • Worried Man in front of Kanai Tower (Answer: A Book) (Awww, Vivia has an admirer! Hope your crush is reciprocated, buddy!)

Once you have visited all three people, return to the Nun to complete this Request. If you answered all three questions correctly, you will receive a total of 100 Detective Points as a reward.

Lost In The Rain

Request4 5

Once again, you’ll be meeting up with a character from a previous chapter – in this case, the gunsmith Iruka from the Resistance. She can be found in an alley next to the Clock Tower. Iruka is feeling purposeless and lost after the dissolution of the Resistance, and Yuma decides to help her regain her will to go on.

Head to Kamasaki District to visit Margulaw in his antique shop. He agrees to help in exchange for a favor. He asks you to bring food to the Mysterious Hut in Dohya District, where Resistance member Servan is revealed to be hiding out after his near-arrest by the Peacekeepers. After delivering the food, go back to Margulaw, who gives Yuma a Model Gun. Deliver the Model Gun to Iruka to complete this Request and help the former Resistance member get back on her feet!

The Fortune Teller Sees All

Request4 12

Head over to the still-flooded Marunomon District and talk to an Oddly Friendly Man. Note that the Request will not immediately trigger, and it may not be clear what you need to do next. The next step is to continue walking around Marunomon District until you find a marked Fortune Teller. He will make a prediction and then, in a cut scene, the prediction will immediately come true, which causes the Request to officially begin.

Walk around the district and talk to the following NPCs: Indignant Man, Disappointed Woman, Man on Hot Streak, and Fortune-Telling Addict. Once you have talked to all four, return to the Fortune Teller…to find out that not only is he a total scammer, but he and the Oddly Friendly Man from the beginning of the Request are one and the same! With this, Yuma can claim his Detective Points and hopefully put an end to the Fortune Teller’s schemes for good.

Follow along with all of GameLuster’s guides to complete all sixteen available Requests in Chapters 1-4 of Master Detective Archives: Rain Code. You can also check out other guides on GameLuster for help completing Mystery Labyrinths, collecting Memory Shards, and more as you make your way through this twisty, puzzled-filled mystery!

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