Final Fantasy 16: How To Find & Defeat Svarog

The Ruin Reawakened is an S-Rank Notorious Mark you can face after starting the Things Fall Apart main quest in Final Fantasy 16. According to the Hunt Board’s poster, a legendary dragon has awakened after its long slumber, and some have reported hearing a monstrous roar in the Holy Empire of Sanbreque. If you need help locating this creature, you’ve come to the right place because this guide will tell you Svarog’s location and how to beat it!

Final Fantasy 16 Ruin Reawakened Hunt Guide

Final Fantasy 16 Svarog Location

Svarog is a Level 50 enemy and one of the hardest bosses you can face in the game. You should be at least Level 45 when facing this Notorious Mark and equip the best gear you can purchase or craft. You should also buy the Last Elixir and drink it during the battle, so Clive will be revived if the dragon manages to kill him.

Once ready, you can head to the Mornebrume region in the Holy Empire of Sanbreque. The nearest Obelisk is located at the Caer Norvent Glorieuse Gate, and you need to head east from there to find a hidden path covered by vegetation.

Svarog has three main attacks: Blazing Legion, Red Dawn, and Embroil. Although they’re already powerful on their own, the dragon will also attempt to hit you with its normal attacks, so you must keep your eyes on the boss at all times.

When performing Blazing Legion, Svarog will summon numerous massive balls of fire that cover the area in front of the dragon. Luckily, they’re quite slow, and you can pass through them using Precision Dodges. However, be mindful of the oncoming laser attack that you must evade by dodging to the side.

Red Dawn is another powerful move. Svarog will create two pillars of flame that will converge into one point, which is usually your current position. You can avoid this attack by moving sideways or walking toward the dragon. If you plan to do the latter, be careful not to get caught in the lunging strike that the boss sometimes performs just after Red Dawn.

Final Fantasy 16 Svarog Attack

The last dangerous attack is called Embroil, which consists of a falling meteor with a massive blast range. When you see a ball of fire coming down from the sky, you must run away from the point of impact. If you fail to get away, try to perform a Precision Dodge to avoid damage.

When Svarog’s HP is less than half, the boss will chain the three attacks together, creating a deadly combo that can kill you. In addition to its magical attacks, you must be careful with its melee moves. Since the dragon is a massive creature, it has a wide attack range which makes it hard for you to avoid damage.

If you’re not good at dodging, you can use Ifrit’s Will o’ the Wykes ability. This skill allows you to summon a group of fireballs that circle Clive like a swarm of bees. In addition to damaging nearby enemies, the fireballs will also absorb a limited amount of damage.

You can also consider using Titanic Block, since it may be able to help you stop Svarog’s spinning attack. Do note that you cannot use the Titan’s ability to tank the dragon’s magical attacks, and it’s best to run away or perform a Precision Dodge.

Beating Svarog will give you 25,000 XP, 300 Ability Points, 30,000 Gil, and 60 Renown. You will also obtain one piece of Empty Shard, an Amber, a Fallen Enigma, and one Orichalcum. The first three spoils are valuable items you can sell to a merchant for some Gil, while the last is a rare crafting material you need to craft the powerful sword Gotterdammerung.

With this guide, you can take on the Ruin Reawakened Notorious Mark in Final Fantasy 16. If you plan to craft the strongest sword in the game, the Gotterdammerung, you will also need the Primitive Battlehorn, which you can acquire by defeating the Gobermouch Notorious Mark.

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