Dave The Diver: Tips & Tricks

Dave the Diver is an undersea adventure that combines elements of farming and restaurant simulators with rogue-lite features. In the game, you play as Dave, a professional diver by day and a sushi bar owner by night. During the day, you’re tasked with diving into the mysterious location called the Blue Hole, where you are charged with finding and bringing rare breeds of fish to your sushi chef Bancho. Then at night, you are tasked with serving customers, managing the menu, and also hiring and training employees.

This guide will go over some of the best beginner tips and tricks for Dave the Diver. You’ll learn how to catch the best fish, serve the best sushi, and even find treasure. So strap in and let’s dive!

Quality Varies By How A Fish Is Caught

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It may not be immediately obvious, but the way that a fish is acquired will determine its quality. There are two types of ways to acquire fish in Dave the Diver. One is using your harpoon, and the other is fighting a fish with knives and guns and carving away their meat.

Catching a small fish using a Tranquilizer Rifle, Net Gun, Net Bomb, or Hush Dart, will be three stars. (the highest quality). For large fish, the Net Gun and Net Bombs will not work, so you have to tranquilize them and take them to your boat with the Salvage Drone to get three star meat.

You Have More Oxygen Than You Think

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You may think that you need to be quick when you’re exploring the Blue Hole and seeing all of its beautiful sights.. But, that can’t be further from the truth! The Blue Hole is filled with Oxygen Barrel and Oxygen Capsules that you can find, which will give you more oxygen and allow you to extend your dive.

Oxygen Barrels are located randomly throughout the Blue Hole and will fill your Oxygen up to the max. Capsules, found in yellow chests, will take up a consumable inventory slot but can be used to refill your oxygen in a pinch.

Keep Note Of What Sushi Sells The Best


At the end of a long shift at Bancho Sushi, you will have a results screen pop up which will detail a lot of information about the restaurant. One of the stats that are tracked here is the dish that was sold the most.

What’s important about this metric is it shows you what fish to focus on during your next run in the Blue Hole, as you know what customers are looking for. Money at the end of the day is everything in Dave The Diver, so be sure to capitalize on popular sushi as much as you can!

Don’t Forget To Check Your Phone

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This may seem like an obvious one to a lot of people, but it’s also easy to forget. You need to check your phone to upgrade your gear, accept requests in EcoWatch, check your Cooksta rating, and more! So make sure to check your phone as much as you can and upgrade your suit, oxygen, guns, etc as you get the money.

Open Every Chest You See

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During your time in Blue Hole, you will see a bunch of yellow chests which contain weapons or upgrades for your harpoon. You want to open these chests and equip whatever gun drops out of it, so you can unlock the blueprint for that gun and equip it whenever you may need it.

You will need to equip each gun four times to unlock it via Duff the gunsmith. So, keep your eyes open and make sure to get as many guns as you can. The Red Sniper Rifle and Hush Dart are particularly valuable guns to find!

Do you have any tips that you think every player should know about Dave the Diver? Comment below and let us know!

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