Deadly Game World’s End Club Coming to Nintendo Switch

If you’re a fan of the “death game” genre, you’ve probably heard the names Danganronpa and Zero Escape before. Both are classic examples of the Japan-based genre, which features a group of friends or strangers forced to play through a bizarre and potentially fatal game in order to survive.

Now, what would you get if the minds behind those two killer classics teamed up? Well, you’d get World’s End Club – and, as recently announced during today’s Nintendo Direct, this one-of-a-kind collaboration is coming to the Nintendo Switch!

World’s End Club is a twist on a familiar genre, in that the game the characters were initially trapped in is cancelled partway through and they are then forced to make their way across a Japan devastated by tragedy. The members of the “Go-Getter’s Club” must work together to figure out how they got into this bizarre situation in the first place. The gameplay combines puzzle, logic and action-adventure elements, while the story is guaranteed to be a twisty tale filled with mysteries to solve and secrets to discover.

The first part of World’s End Club was released on Apple Arcade in late 2020. The game was originally titled Death March Club, but was renamed due to the negative connotations of the original title. According to creator Kotaro Uchikoshi, the game draws inspiration from Stephen King’s IT as well as his own travels throughout Japan.

Will the characters be forced to play the “Game of Fate?” Will they escape successfully? What has happened to Japan – and is there anything the “Go-Getter’s Club” can do to stop it? We’ll have to wait until World’s End Club makes it way to Nintendo Switch to find out.

World’s End Club is currently set to release on May 28, 2021. Nintendo has confirmed that more information will be released at a later date.

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