Dontnod Announces Updates for Vampyr

Dontnod Entertainment announced an update for their dark-themed action role-playing game Vampyr, coming a few months after the game’s launch in June. The update will include two new game modes.

The first is Story mode, which will play more like a movie than a game. It will focus on the narrative of the game rather than on gameplay. Even occasional gamers will have the opportunity to experience the story.

The second mode introduces a hard difficulty. In the game you rely on blood to obtain new powers and to level up, but this setting puts a bit of a strain on that. The enemies you battle are more formidable and provide players with less experience points than they would normally. Because of this factor, players will have to rely on taking the blood of other NPCs besides enemies in order to level up.

An exact date when the updates will be available has not been announced.

Have you played Vampyr? If not, would this update draw you in? Let us know in the comments section below.

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