Epic & IO Working To Solve Hitman 3 Level Transfer Issue

Shortly after Hitman 3’s official announcement, IO Interactive confirmed that players would be able to transfer levels from previously owned copies of Hitman and Hitman 2 into the new game. While this function currently works fine on the PlayStation and Xbox console versions of these games, players wishing to experience Hitman 3 on PC are running into an issue.

Currently, Hitman 3 is planned to release as a timed Epic Games Store exclusive. However, Hitman 2 is currently available via Steam, and not the Epic Store. This means that PC players can import levels from the original Hitman into its sequel, but cannot then transfer them over to Hitman 3.

Previously, IO Interactive and Epic had put forward several solutions, many of which would involve customers having to re-buy one of the games in some capacity. Suggestions included offering a limited-time free version of the Hitman GOTY access pass via the Epic Games Store, discounting the Hitman 2 GOTY access pass, which comes in both Standard and Gold versions, or bundling one or both passes with a purchase of Hitman 3.

However, fans of the series were extremely dissatisfied with these solutions, as they would be required to re-purchase games they already own. A number of fans even took to forums and social media to claim that they had filed for refunds on the Epic Games Store version of Hitman 3, and were choosing instead to wait until the game eventually releases on Steam.

In response, both IO Interactive and Epic Games took to Twitter to make an official statement. They explained that they are continuing to work on a solution, and would debut it as soon as was feasible. In addition, IO’s statement included the affirmation “we guarantee that players will NOT need to repurchase the games.”

Currently, they have made the Hitman GOTY pass free to all players who purchase or pre-order Hitman 3 within 10 days of release. Further information regarding a permanent solution will likely be coming in the future.


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