Escape Earth in VR Exploration Simulator A Game of Space

Ubisoft’s UbiForward livestream event was filled with exciting announcements, ranging from the standard updates to the unexpected reveals. One of the announcements which fell firmly into the latter category was the reveal trailer for A Game of Space (AGOS), an exploration simulator coming to the Oculus VR.

A Game of Space takes place in the year 2057 when humanity is forced to leave Earth for unexplained reasons. You take on the role of the leader of the final spacecraft to successfully escape the planet before the disaster. Your task? To survive in the vastness of space, with nothing but the finite resources available at your disposal. Will you be able to find a new, safe home for humanity? Or will the void hold only danger and death for you and your crew?

Although the initial trailer didn’t show off much, it did reveal that A Game of Space is an exploration simulator set in — you guessed it! — outer space. Players will pilot a customizable spacecraft as they harvest resources from asteroids, travel to distant planets and galaxies, and ultimately seek out a habitable planet that can replace Earth as the home of what remains of humanity.


Information regarding this title is, unfortunately, limited — we don’t have a release date or even a window yet, although the game is speculated to release in 2021 at the earliest. It will be released for the Oculus VR, but will also have Ubisoft UPlay and Steam functionality. Hopefully, more information will be released as the game’s release draws closer — because even that brief trailer certainly already has fans talking!

Are you ready to explore the depths of outer space as you struggle to survive? Let us know!

This UbiForward event comes as Ubisoft is facing allegations of sexual harassment and employee mistreatment, which GameLuster has also covered. You can read more about the recent controversies here and here.

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