Fallout 2 Olympus 2207 Mod Translated into English

The renowned Olympus 2207 mod for Fallout 2 has been translated into English at long last, a Kotaku report confirms. First released in 2014 in Russian, English-speaking players will now be able to try out the expansive mod for themselves. You can access the mod from its very own website here. Steam or GOG versions of Fallout 2 are recommended as they have been compatibility tested.

Described as a “total conversion (modification) of Fallout 2“, the Olympus 2207 mod focuses on a new story in a new world with completely new graphics. Various features of the game have also been altered, including a modified S.P.E.C.I.A.L. system that rebalances the influence of characteristics and skills, crafting weapons, and a hacking mini-game.

Olympus 2207 changes the setting of Fallout 2 to Silicon Valley, centred around a massive skyscraper called Olympus based right in the centre of Radius, the lifeless, radioactive wasteland left in the wake of The Great War in 2013. Split into factions, and forced to adapt to their harsh new way of life, the inhabitants of Radius fight and trade with each other in a desperate bid to survive, with the four staples of the New World commanding them: food, water, drugs, and weapons. But despite where they fall in this new society, the ultimate dream of everyone living in Radius is to make it into Olympus, and many have died trying.

There is no main quest in Olympus 2207. Instead, you simulate the life of an everyday inhabitant of Radius and choose your own goal.

Olympus 2249, a sequel of sorts to Olympus 2207, is also in the early stages of development.

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