Final Fantasy 16 Potentially Heading To “Other” Platforms After PC

If you’re a Final Fantasy fan who plays on Xbox or Switch then you may just be in luck, as a recent interview from Noisy Pixel has teased Final Fantasy XVI‘s release on systems other than PlayStation and PC. Speaking with staff from the game at PAX East, Noisy Pixel were told when asking about the future of Final Fantasy XVI that “once the PC version is released, we’re thinking about hopefully moving to other platforms as well”. With the game already on PS5 and soon PC, the likely conclusion is that it will be headed for Xbox. 

Making Final Fantasy XVI available on other platforms would certainly be a smart choice from a sales perspective. Both Final Fantasy XVI and Final Fantasy VII Rebirth have suffered somewhat in the sales department compared to previous releases, and this may just be due to their PS5 exclusivity. One only needs to look as far as our Famitsu coverage to see the sharp drops the latest Final Fantasy games sales have taken. Whilst Xbox releases would hardly do much to increase game sales in Japan, they may have a more meaningful impact in Western markets.

Final Fantasy XVI 16
The grand visual spectacle of Final Fantasy XVI is likely too much for Switch, but what about its successor?

Perhaps the most meaningful port Final Fantasy XVI could have would be to release the game on a Nintendo platform. Whilst the Switch certainly lacks the hardware strength to run a titan (no pun intended) like Final Fantasy XVI, it’s possible these mysterious, plural “other platforms” refers to Xbox and the next generation Nintendo console. Brand new Final Fantasy releases have been consistently missing Nintendo consoles for decades now, only releasing in the form of ports far later than the originals on other systems. JRPG titles consistently have the best performance on Switch, so maybe Final Fantasy XVI will finally get the recognition it deserves on another platform.

Would you check out Final Fantasy XVI if it was available on a Nintendo system or Xbox? Let us know in the comments below, and stay tuned to GameLuster for more gaming news.

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