God of War: Ragnarök Has An Easter Egg To The Last Of Us 2

There are mild spoilers ahead for God of War: Ragnarök and The Last Of Us Part II. An easter egg that serves as a tribute to The Last Of Us Part II can be found in the sequel to God of War.

A collectible poem, titled We Who Remain, Part the Second, refers to a “bearded, cruel father,” which likely refers to Joel, and a “surrogate daughter,” which refers to Ellie. The poem later says that the daughter will never find “respite” from a life “full of slaughter,” a quote that highlights the dark events of Naughty Dog’s sequel.

In The Last Of Us Part II, following Joel’s death, Ellie embarks on a ruthless campaign of revenge against the WLF and those within the group responsible. The last four lines of the poem further capture the essence of what The Last Of Us Part II encapsulates, thematically speaking.

Minor God Of War: Ragnarok Spoiler: The Last Of Us Part II Easter Egg
by u/Kennaay1891 in thelastofus

It refers to the idea of good and evil dying together, which could highlight the theme of morality in vengeance within the sequel as the “difference” between the two becomes “less understood.”

God of War: Ragnarök was released on the Playstation 4 and 5 on November 9, 2022. It was reported by GameLuster that the long-awaited sequel to 2018’s God of War has become the highest-rated first-party PS5 game, according to Metacritic.

Have you played God of War: Ragnarök yet, and if so, what do you think of the sequel? Feel free to let us know in the comments below. Stay tuned with GameLuster for more coverage on God of War: Ragnarök.

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