Hideo Kojima Teases New Project And That’s All He’ll Say

Hideo Kojima has confirmed a new project is in development, and that’s about all we know. The Death Stranding director is keeping this new venture under wraps but a social media post from Kojima Productions reveals that they are “looking to hire the best-in-class talent to work out of our Tokyo studio.” 

On Kojima Production’s LinkedIn page, there are various job roles available. These include a project manager, writer, game designer, VFX, lighting, and cinematic artists. These were all posted to the site within the last five days. 

So, could this new project be a Death Stranding 2, or something new entirely? 

Back in June, a number of social media posts from Hideo Kojima appeared to hint toward a potential Death Stranding sequel. The post focuses primarily on the director’s creative process, but the image within the post drew attention for the small of a baby. The second post reveals a grey sketch of a vehicle, decorated with a BRIDGES logo.

The third indicates a new project has started between Kojima and collaborator Yoji Shinkawa. At this time, it’s all speculative, but it has many wondering if a sequel is on the horizon for the next generation of consoles.

Last year, Kojima revealed that he’d begun watching horror movies in a bid to, as he puts it, “awaken my horror soul.” He cites The Eye, the 2002 Pang Brothers horror film as a direct inspiration for P.T, the playable teaser that led to the later canceled Silent Hills game. He adds that the movie “was too scary to finish watching.” 

Ultimately, this post leads us to wonder if Kojima is preparing to embark on a new horror game, and if so, could this be the new project in development teased today?

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