Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity Getting Two Waves of DLC

Alongside a highly-anticipated trailer for the sequel to Breath of the Wild, Nintendo’s Direct at E3 announced DLC for Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, which will be releasing in two waves. The first of these is due out on June 18, so players won’t be waiting long!

First things first are the immediately available Prototype Ancient Gear costume and Prototype Ancient Sword weapon for Link. These are a bonus for those who purchase the Age of Calamity DLC Expansion Pass.

Coming up very soon in the first wave of the Expansion Pass DLC is a whole host of additions, big and small. If you’ve ever wanted to be on the giving end of that nasty Guardian laserbeam, rather than being fried yourself, you now can, with the introduction of the new playable character, Battle-tested Guardian. Link and Zelda are each getting a new weapon type in the form of the flail and master cycle, respectively. Finally, for players who want more of a challenge, there is a new Apocalyptic difficulty level, as well as extra challenges in the Royal Ancient Lab and some higher ranking enemies, including Wizzrobes and Giant Chuchu among others.

Age of Calamity DLC expansion pass contents
Age of Calamity DLC expansion pass contents

For the second wave, there will be new stages, new battle skills for current characters, new character vignettes and an as-yet undisclosed expansion to the roster. If it’s anything as wild as the character added in this wave, it’ll be quite the announcement when this new addition, or possibly multiple additions, is revealed. The second wave of DLC is due to launch this November.

Between all the Age of Calamity DLC and the HD remaster of Skyward Sword coming to Switch next month, at least there’s plenty of The Legend of Zelda content on the horizon to tide us over until we get further information on the Breath of the Wild follow-up!

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity is available on Nintendo Switch.

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