Kevin Sullivan Responds to “Season” Online Comments

The 2020 edition of the Game Awards featured lots of world premiere trailers for exciting titles coming up in the next several years. One of these was Season, a game about using a camera and other tools to record the beauty of the natural world before it vanishes forever. The indie title from Scavengers Studio quickly gained fan attention, primarily due to the unique visuals and relaxing, atmospheric nature of its reveal trailer.

When Kevin Sullivan, the creative director of the project, sat down to talk Season with news source IGN, he revealed a rather surprising piece of information: he’s been regularly reading online fan comments regarding the trailer. He was pleased that Season has been received so positively, especially as so little information regarding the game has been revealed at this time. Even more surprisingly, Sullivan admitted that his mother was also reading the comments, and encouraged posters to consider that fact and keep their responses civil.

Sullivan noted fans frequently comparing Season to both Journey and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and clarified that the game would be something like a mix of the two. Season will be less linear than Journey, but less open-world than Breath of the Wild. He also stated that he was quite flattered that fans were already making comparisons with such a popular AAA title, although he also admitted that that fact made him slightly nervous.

The creative director also responded to fan worry and criticism that Season would be a “walking simulator” with no real gameplay. He stated definitively that this would not be the case, and that there would be defined gameplay mechanics revolving around effectively utilizing each of the recording tools your character gets access to throughout their journey. Additionally, narrative choices will play a role in the game, allowing for (but not requiring, Sullivan confirms) multiple playthroughs.

Unfortunately, Scavengers Studio does not currently have a set release date for Season, which is planned to debut on both PlayStation 5 and PC. Sullivan, who describes the game as a passion project which he has been working on for years, will likely spend much more time on it, saying ,”we want to make the best looking, smoothest and most immersive experience we can.”


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