Latest “Helldivers 2” Patch Fixes AFK Problem

Helldivers 2 has been quite the smash hit for 2024 and can only get better with each passing update. Recently, the team released the game’s latest update, Patch, this new patch seems to add new content to the game as well as adding the highly requested feature that automatically removes inactive players from a match. That’s not all as numerous other fixes have been made to the game, which will hopefully provide a better gameplay experience for both PC and PS5 players.

Helldivers 2 first released on February 8, 2024, and as its name would imply, it is the sequel to the first Helldivers game and has made several changes to the series; most notably turning the game into a third-person squad-based shooter. While the change was drastic, it has been hugely successful for Arrowhead Game Studios, as Helldivers 2 continues to reach huge player milestones and numerous positive reviews from players.

The main appeal of Helldivers 2 is primarily its combat, which sees players face off against hordes of insect-like aliens by using the various weapons and strategies at their disposal. Unfortunately, nothing is ever perfect and the game did have quite a few issues, but thanks to Patch, most of these should be addressed, especially the issue with AFK players. Now, if players are inactive for more than 15 minutes, they will be kicked from the game and brought back to the title screen. Players have been asking for this feature to be implemented since the game was released and they should hopefully have a much better gaming experience.

This wasn’t the only fix made to the game, as the patch also addressed several issues relating to performance and stability, as well as issues with client-to-backend communications. While this patch has addressed many of the most notable issues with Helldivers 2, the game does still have a few major bugs that require further investigation by the game’s developers. Sadly, many of these issues have caused the game’s rating to fall to “Mixed Reviews” on Steam. Hopefully, with more and more updates, the game can once again rise above once more, with less development bugs and more bugs to shoot.

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