Little Devil Inside Receives Surprise Update

Little Devil Inside has been silent for quite some time, after a successful crowdfunding campaign back in 2015. For years, fans have been waiting to get an update into the immersive 3D action-adventure RPG and it looks like we have finally received a new gameplay trailer.

Neostream Interactive recently shared a trailer which goes into detail about what new features have been added to the game, as well as giving fans an insight into the game’s development. There certainly is no game like Little Devil Inside.  The game will put players into a strangely familiar world that will be inhabited by both regular humans as well as interesting monsters and other creatures. Despite going for a more minimalist art style, the world of the game is still incredibly rich with detail and clearly takes inspiration from classic games such as the Legend of Zelda series. Through the trailer we can see while the world may be beautiful, Little Devil Inside will still be giving players challenges and engaging gameplay.

Considering the impressive amount of new additions to Little Devil Inside, such as new story scenarios, exploration, hunting and fighting various monsters, character customization and interactable NPCs; it is no wonder why Neostream Interactive has been so silent. Aside from the new gameplay trailer, the developer also shared a new heartfelt message onto the official Little Devil Inside Kickstarter page.

In this message, the studio acknowledges the frustrations that the lack of communication has caused for its supporters. The main reason for the silence is due to the changing of personnel and disputes over the creative direction for the game. Even then, Neostream Interactive has reiterated that they are still committed in delivering a game that will meet their supporters expectations and they will make an effort to keep the game’s community updated as the project continues forward.

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