Master Detective Archives: Rain Code: All Chapter 3 Requests Guide

Chapter 3 of Master Detective Archives: Rain Code introduces two new locations: the near-flooded Dohya District and the bustling Marunomon District. With these new locations come four new Requests that protagonist Yuma Kokohead can complete to earn tons of Detective Points. As Detective Points are necessary for purchasing valuable skills, it is highly recommended that you complete these Requests as soon as they open up. This guide will cover how to finish every Request available in Chapter 3 of Master Detective Archives: Rain Code.

A Teacher’s Distress

Request3 4

Return to Aetheria Academy to reunite with the Teacher from the previous case. After already having to deal with Desuhiko taking on her appearance last chapter, the poor Teacher seems to have picked up a stalker! There are five marked students that you need to talk to and gain information from. They are:

  • Active Student in the courtyard
  • Graceful Student in the courtyard
  • Glee Club Member in the first floor hallway
  • Journalism Club Member in front of Classroom 1-3
  • Friendly Student in the second floor hallway

After speaking to all five students, return to the Teacher. When asked who the stalker is, choose a teacher, as the information you found mentions locations a student would not have access to. This will allow you to earn the full 100 Detective Points when the stalker reveals themself and the quest is completed.

Rumors Of Red Rain

Request3 5

Upon gaining access to Marunomon District and setting up the first security camera, you will see a Frightened Man shivering on the bridge. Talk to him to learn that he is afraid of something called “the red rain” that he has heard rumors about. There are three NPCs, all in Kamasaki District, who you must interrogate about this strange “red rain.” They are:

  • Irritated Man on the main street
  • Frustrated Woman on the above-ground level
  • Facetious Man on the above-ground level

None of the three people have heard anything about the “red rain.” Return to Marunomon District to share the good news…only to find yourself surrounded by a creepy cult talking about that very rain. After a cutscene, go back to the Frightened Man and talk to him one more time to complete this Request. The Red Rain Cult is an extremely bizarre group, and their presence in Kanai Ward is never explained…perhaps they will show up in future DLC for Rain Code?

Young Hearts Want To Break Free

Request3 1

Unlike most of this chapter’s Requests, this one does not involve the newly opened areas. Instead, it is started by talking to the Restless Youngster standing in front of the Clock Tower. He wants to know who else in Kanai Ward is willing to rebel against Amaterasu Corporation. There are three people Yuma must ask to finish this Request. They are:

  • Bored Man on the main street of Ginma District
  • Sleepy Woman on the sidewalk in front of Kanai Tower
  • Shy Woman in front of the Church

Once you have talked to all three NPCs, return to the Clock Tower. The man gets arrested for daring to speak out against Amaterasu – but fortunately, Yuma is still able to claim the Detective Points for completing this quest!

Troubles Of The Heart

Request3 8

On a much lighter note, the final Request in Chapter 3 involves a Bashful Student who has feelings for someone, but isn’t sure if they should confess. You can find this Student standing outside of the cafe in Ginma District. After starting the Request, head inside the cafe and consult with the Serious Man.

The man will direct you to a “love expert” in Kamasaki District. You can find this “expert,” the Kind-Looking Man, sitting in the dining room at the hotel. Talk to him to get his advice on the Student’s situation. Finally, return to the Bashful Student in Ginma District to report your success.

That’s everything you need to know to complete all four Requests in Chapter 3 of Master Detective Archives: Rain Code. With this guide, you will be able to earn plenty of Detective Points to spend on skills before entering the chapter’s Mystery Labyrinth. If you’re looking for assistance with any of Rain Code’s many other puzzles, check out GameLuster’s guides covering Mystery Labyrinths, Memory Shards, and much more!

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