Master Detective Archives: Rain Code: All Fubuki Clockford Memory Shard Locations

Although she might be a bit of an airhead, Master Detective Fubuki Clockford is also an adventurer who has had a fascinating life. You can learn more about all things Fubuki by collecting Silver Memory Shards to unlock her Gumshoe Gab conversations in Master Detective Archives: Rain Code. This guide will cover the locations and chapters of all five of Fubuki’s Memory Shards so you can add them to your collection!

Shard #1: Solar Lunar Wink


In Chapter 1, you can find Fubuki eating at the Hotel in Kamasaki District. On the wall of the Hotel’s dining room is an art piece showing the sun and the moon. Fubuki’s first Memory Shard can be found in the eye of this decoration. This Memory Shard can be collected at any time between Chapter 1 and Chapter 4.

Shard #2: Behind The Glittering City


On the north side of the fashionable Ginma District is a narrow alleyway with a roughly square shape. Head down this alleyway to find Fubuki’s second Memory Shard on top of some wooden crates. You can pick up this shard at any time between unlocking Ginma District in Chapter 1 and entering the lab in Chapter 4.

Shard #3: Lunchtime In The Business District


In Chapter 3, Yuma will have to visit the busy Marunomon District to install security cameras. Fubuki’s third Memory Shard can be picked up at the meat bun food truck, located next to a cluster of green umbrellas. While you can technically grab this shard later, you should ideally pick it up in Chapter 3, as Marunomon District later becomes much harder to navigate.

Shard #4: Yellow Car And Lion Statue


Visit Kanai Station in Chapter 4 to find this Memory Shard in the mouth of one of the stone lion statues surrounding the station. You can identify the right lion statue by the yellow taxicab parked next to it. Note – although Kanai Station opens as a location to explore in Chapter 1, this shard does NOT show up until Chapter 4, so you cannot collect it earlier.

Shard #5: Treasure At The Construction Site!


All five Nocturnal Detective Agency members’ final Memory Shards are stored in Chapter 5, where Yuma can explore a new location not accessible in previous chapters. Partway through the investigation, Yuma will walk down a slope and find himself in an abandoned construction site. Fubuki’s final Memory Shard is next to the blue Port-A-Potty in this construction site.

Once you have all five Silver Memory Shards in hand, you can learn about Fubuki Clockford’s bizarre past through her Gumshoe Gab conversations. Of course, Fubuki’s story is just one of the many strange mysteries populating Kanai Ward in Master Detective Archives: Rain Code. Check out GameLuster’s other guides to solve every Mystery Labyrinth, collect each Memory Shard, and more!

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