Minecraft’s Newest Snapshot Features…Bees?

Giving a whole new meaning to a discovering a “bug” in a video game, Mojang announced this past Wednesday that the Minecraft Java Edition will have bees in version 1.15’s update. Just look at the little fellas!

The announcement went further than just an unbee-lievably adorable video of insects bumbling from flower to flower. This addition to Minecraft’s list of mobs won’t hurt players unless attacked and can help with crop growth through pollinating plants.

There’s buzz around the mechanics of the new mob as well. This update also features Bee Hives, so that players can find honeycomb and honey from their new fuzzy friends. Honeycomb can be used with wood planks to create Bee Nests to domesticate a player’s bees. Honey has up to 5 levels of stickiness and can be consumed by players for health, or made into sugar for a farm-to-table cake baking experience. Not to wax poetic, but I think that’s pretty sweet.

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